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Anupama Tamang

Travel Advisor

“Where there is a will, there is a way” perfectly defines our one of the young team members, AnupamaTamang who had pursuit in this position because of her smart work. She is a student who aspires to flourish in the tourism industry of Nepal to create opportunities for her generation as there is a huge importance to travel in our country.

It will not be wrong to say that she is the backbone of our company because she has been planning and managing the future of our company of trekking and travel for more than two years with great effort. she has poured her all the skill for the future of our company so the majority of credits goes on her side

She was born in the hilly & Himalayan region of Nepal where she could see the travelers passing by. Those travelers lefts her eye, heart, and brain curious since the babyhood. Initially, she trained herself with some digital courses, small projects on web management, and did specialization on google platforms to support our team technically. Her theoretical and practical knowledge is better improved now, thus is managing many trips and destinations of our company with great care.

As she was brought up in the family of the trekkers and hikers, she had an early foundation about trekking and adventures from the very beginning. She got her own ideas about the importance of tourism in Nepal and what she could do in the future to improve this sector from her family members. Thus, she started to work in this company along with her high school. What secured her significance in our team is that being an extraordinary student of science and technology at her university, she perfectly manages her ways to lack nothing about management and administration in this company.

She believes only in the will power of ones to do something which dramatically changed her life from a normal student to a responsible employee. She said “only my will power to do something had made me this much of capable. I wish to grow and manage this sector to figure out something big, to employ my dear brothers and sisters of this nation to promote my country as the world’s best destinations to be explored.”

Despite her busyness in a study, she witnessed something significant around her only because of her will power to grow in this company. She is really looking forward to welcoming our great-hearted clients to impress with our best services.