Regd. No: 191703/74/075, Vat No: 606682361
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Buddhi Bahadur Tamang

Tour & Senior Trekking Guide

Buddhi Bahadur Tamang was born in the mountain region of Dhading Nepal. He is an ardent tour and mountain guide with over 15 years of experience. Apart from his training, he has a huge on-field experience with him. Sharp and well-versed in his work, he has handled several clients and customers from all parts of the world at different trekking regions and has always come up with good reviews of his work. He is good at looking after the guests and taking care of their needs. He also has a vast knowledge of Nepal, its culture, places, and its people. He also likes to enlighten his guests about Nepal and its rich heritage during the trip, a quality that makes him a valued trekking guide among customers of Nepal High Trek & Expedition. He is a professional yet very approachable and informative guide

He is extremely enthusiastic and has a powerful tenacity to bring the best out of people. He is persistent in his brilliant work and always delivers the best results. Buddhi has explored and visited almost all parts of Nepal, and his work is always immaculate. He always makes the customers feel comfortable and lets them enjoy the trip while trying his best to make it as memorable as he can. He is always open to ideas and pointers by customers as well.