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Expert Team Work

ANJAN TAMANG (MD, Mountain Leader)

Anjan Tamang with an experience of over a decade of trekking around Nepal Himalaya leading wide-world travelers with enjoyable holiday adventure, at present, established Nepal High Trek& Expedition which is running successfully for more than five years. Mr. Anajan Tamang with his position as CEO and Managing Director of the company providing excellent services with much different to other hundreds of local companies of Nepal at an affordable price with money worth of Himalayan holidays. Mr. Anjan Tamang, himself being a guide started at a young age have led countless of treks and peak climbing throughout Nepal Himalaya with his 15 years of professional guiding experience and still handles and leads groups with his expert guidance showing the wonders of Nepal Himalaya. Mr. Anjan Tamang born and raised on high mountainous regions close to Nepal Himalaya in the shade of Mt. Everest around farm villages, since his teen days much-interested traveling and trekking joined local leading company, as a trainee guide slowly became a head guide with his good knowledge of the country of flora/fauna, culture, history, religion, and traditions.

After leading treks for many years started his company named Nepal High Trek& Expedition , which he supervise and manage all logistics and booking himself to make each and every trips a huge success with positive feedback from his past and present clients that keeps the company going for years with excellent remarks from each and every traveler joining with Nepal High Trek & Expedition. When he is not leading groups busy exploring new virgin areas of Nepal Himalaya to promote the best-hidden destinations for eager customers with different taste and interested in the complete wilderness away from mainstream trekking trails.

So, when you join with Nepal High Trek & Expedition where you feel secure and in safe hand with enjoyable and best holidays of money worth.

Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

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Pawan Tamang

Designation: Senior Trekking Guide

Mr. PawanTamang hails from the mountainous region of Solu at a mere distance from Everest and other high Himalayan peaks, born and raised within farm villages started his career in tourism since last ten years and still leading trek with wide-world travelers. A pleasant and cheerful person making a customer more assured with the outcome of the trips as Pawan Tamang leaves no stone unturned to keep the clients happy and satisfied in every trips that he leads with Nepal High Trek & Expedition.

Mr. Pawan Tamang has trekked and traveled throughout Nepal from East to West Himalayan destination on his profession leading groups in his countless trekking careers with well-satisfied clients and strong excellent feedbacks that keep Mr. Pawan Tamang more pleased and offering more good services in his trekking life with Nepal High Trek & Expedition.

Mr. Pawan Tamang well versed in eco and responsible tourism with good knowledge to provide his clients on treks with full information of the country which includes history, culture, custom, and religions, traveling with Pawan Tamang will be fun with his expert guidance.

Prabin Tamang

Designation: Senior Trekking Guide

Prabin Tamang one of the professional and expert guide with the decade of experience in his trekking career born and bred in Himalayan mid hills within pristine environment around rural farm villages of Eastern Himalaya of Nepal. Mr. Prabin Tamang like his other colleague of Nepal High Trek & Expedition started his trekking and other adventure from the tender age of 15 and 16 years and still leading wide-world travelers to scenic and enjoyable destinations with his highly qualified guidance with full knowledge that required in guiding groups of all nationality.

Mr. Prabin Tamang a cheerful person and always ready to answer your queries regarding the treks and places offering you with full information of the areas of travel and trekking with his wide knowledge, a great person to be with as he is one of the many expert guides of Nepal High Trek & Expedition