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    Moderate/High Pass
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    Sep-Dec & Mar-May
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    Soti-Khola to Dharapani

Trip Overview


A great adventure with exciting combination Manaslu  Tsum Valley trek leads you to exciting adventure around remote and isolated areas of high north Gorkha district within Nepal Far North Mid-West Himalaya. Manaslu Tsum Valley will certainly delight you if you are seeking for a remote Himalayan destination within far from main-stream trekking trails where on this walks leads you into the sanctuary of complete tranquility hidden behind massive mountains of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal range. Tsum Valley Trek one of the least explored and ventured regions of Nepal Himalaya where you can enjoy wonderful scenic moments within its pristine environment enclosed by high peaks and hills.

Around Manaslu Tsum Valley leads you into a country of great happiness where Tsum word comes from old Tibetan language as ‘Beyul Kyimolung’ means valley of happiness, where you will witness and experience around this amazing country. Manaslu-Tsum Valley Trek first takes you to hidden areas of Tsum after an interesting long overland journey to reach at low warm farm areas of Gorkha district and then following the path uphill into lovely villages and alpine zone forest, where walk leads past main Manaslu trail heading northeast direction towards Tsum Valley. Walk into remote and isolated villages of great interest with superb scenery of massive Ganesh Himal and Manaslu peaks to reach at the high windswept country at Mu-Gompa the end of our trekking trail within Tsum Valley, here with time to immerse into its impressive culture of the ancient heritage of Buddhism religion. After an enjoyable and interesting time around the valley of happiness at Tsum then our walk leads to another exciting adventure to reach high areas of upper Manaslu, where walk leads back on the same trail to join with Tsum and Manaslu routes. Walking into the beautiful country of Manaslu valley to reach at nice villages Lo and Sama-Gaon where you will have enough time to marvel the scenery and immerse with local culture and then our adventure lead to high Larke-la pass situate above 5,160 m and 16,929 ft high with a sweeping panorama of mountains included Annapurna and Manaslu range of peaks. Slowly walk descends towards the Manang region on leaving Manaslu and Gorkha areas after crossing Larke-la to reach back into the forested area on a nice trail to Dharapani village where Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit trails join. Enjoying an adventure of a lifetime experience where exciting and scenic overland journey brings you back into hustle and bustle city life in Kathmandu, after a great marvelous journey and wonderful times in Manaslu-Tsum Valley Tour.

Main Highlights:

“Adventure on both sides of Far North Mid-West Himalaya with Tsum and Manaslu region
Walk behind massive Ganesh Himal into Valley of Happiness with Tsum high country
Amazing scenery on daily walks from low-warm farm areas to high scenic alpine hills
Journey into Nepal Far North Mid-West close to the border of Tibet around high Gorkha district
Exciting drives both ways before and after the trekking from Manaslu to Manang areas
Explore interesting villages enriched with old Buddhism culture of Manaslu people
Walk into high and scenic Manaslu valley and crossing high Larke-la pass with fabulous views”

Trip Preview:

Mode of accommodation: Hotels and local Lodge on treks.
Trek Grade: Moderate to Adventurous with a touch of high altitude.
Highest spot on treks: On top Larke-La Pass 5,160 m/16,929 ft high
Trek Duration:  20 Nights and 21 Days (with drive both ways).
People and Culture: Populated by Gurung-Magar with Tsum and Manaslu
people of Buddhism religion and colorful culture with
ancient traditional heritage and custom.
Best Seasons: April to May and September to November months,
April and May lively with wildflowers and rhododendron
(Nepal national flower in-season times, where days are
clear for views. October to November another best
months for clear views but with short lights, cold in the
morning and night times, chances of snow on route walk.

Total Trip:  22 Nights and 23 Days (arrival to final departure)

Details Itinerary

Short Outline Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu with transfer to hotel.

Day 02: Drive to Soti-Khola 700m – 06 hrs.

Day 03: Trek to Machhe-Khola 869 m – 05 hrs.

Day 04: Trek to Jagat 1,340m- 05 hrs.

Day 05: Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 05 hrs
Day 06: Trek to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hours.

Day 07: Trek to Chokhan-Paro 3,010 m – 05 hours.

Day 08: Trek to Nele 3,361m after a visit of Milareppa cave – 07 hours.

Day 09: Trek to Mu Gompa 3,700 m – 04 hours.

Day 10: Rest day at Mu Gompa visit local village and monastery.

Day 11: Trek to Rachen Gompa 3,240 m – 05 hours.

Day 12: Trek back to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hours.

Day 13: Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 06 hrs.

Day 14: Trek to Ghap 2,160 m – 05 hrs

Day 15: Trek to Lo-Gaon 3,180 m – 06 hrs

Day 16: Trek to Sama- Gaon 3,520 m- 06 hrs.

Day 17: Trek to Samdo 3,875 m -05 hrs.

Day 18: Trek to Dharmasala 4,460 m or Larke Phedi – 04 hrs.

Day 19: Cross Larke-la 5,160 m/16,929 ft trek to Bhimthang 3, 590m – 07 hrs.

Day 20:  Trek to Gho 2,560 m – 05 hrs.

Day 21: Trek to Dharapani 1,963 m -06 hrs.
Day 22: Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel -07 hrs
Day 23: Final departure from Kathmandu homeward bound or to respective destinations.

Detail Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu with transfer to hotel.
On arrival at Kathmandu international airport get transferred to hotels after received by our guides and staff, at hotel check-in and join for group briefing regarding Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trekking with do’s and don’ts includes group dinner in typical Nepalese Restaurants.

Day 02: Drive to Soti-Khola 700m – 06 hrs.
Start the early morning with an interesting overland journey to reach Nepal Mid-West around Gorkha district at Arughat town, and beyond to reach at first overnight stop in Soti-Khola by raging Buri-Gandaki River.

Day 03:  Trek to Machhe-Khola 869 m – 05 hrs.

From Soti-Khola walk leads within warmer foothills and river valley following Buri-Gandaki River upstream and then heading into a gorge covered with forest, where route climb towards cooler areas walking for nearly four to five hours to reach our overnight stop at Machha-Khola, a moderate size farm village, as Maccha means Fish and Khola for stream, a popular fishing streams for the locals.

Day 04: Trek to Jagat 1,340 m – 05 hrs.
From Maccha-Khola fishing village, morning walk on Buri-Gandaki River upstream banks for some hours to reach at Khorla-Beshi and then on winding path towards Tatopani a village with natural “Hot Spring,” as Tatopani means hot water/spring. Here time permitting where you can enjoy refreshing warm bathe and then continue to walk with the climb to Jagat village for an overnight stop, Jagat a lovely and large village with many shops and well-stocked stores, having nice and simple lodges for an overnight stay.

Day 05: Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 05 hrs
After a wonderful overnight stop at Jagat village, the walk continues heading higher past rural farm villages and on the downhill to cross a bridge to Nagjet and then reaching at Philim, one of the large villages within this remote farm country with many scattered houses. From Philim walk leads around farm terraces of golden agriculture fields of wheat, barley, as climb leads above rocky ridge within a forest of bamboo to reach at Dyang village for short rest and continue to walk beyond and higher area at Lokpa village for an overnight stop.

Day 06: Trek to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hrs.
After Lokpa village, walk heads to our first highlights of the adventure at Tsum known as the valley of happiness, as our route enters narrow gorge then with short descend and uphill climb into rhododendron and pine tree forest walking past small farm villages then climbing above Lungwa Khola to reach at Chumling village for first night stop around Tsum Valley.

Day 07: Trek to Chokhan-Paro 3,010 m – 05 hours.

From here onward enter a new fresh country and away from main trekking trails of Manaslu as walk leads towards Tsum in the valley of happiness. Walk further past farmlands and smaller villages facing views of Ganesh and Manaslu Himal, as walk ends on reaching a nice village at Chumling for the overnight halt.

Day 08: Trek to Nele 3,361m after a visit of Milereppa cave – 07 hours.

From here onward walk leads within Tsum valley, as morning lead towards highest areas to Nele village around open and exposed wide valley, a dramatic dry and windswept terrain with similar landscapes like Tibet plateau. Entering into a country where tree lines fade for short juniper and willow trees, as the journey continues overlooking views of Ganesh and Manaslu Himal range of peaks. Finally completing our day-walk reaching at Nele village with time to explore a meditation cave of great Buddhist saint ‘Guru Milereppa’ of the 11th century.

Day 09: Trek to Mu Gompa 3,700 m – 04 hours.

Today a short walk to reach at the end our trip at Tsum Valley reaching Mu Gompa, with an old impressive monastery, walk leads to a climb within high, dry exposed terrain with views of high peaks then slowly walk ends on reaching at Mu Gompa for an overnight stop.

Day 10: Rest day at Mu Gompa visit local village and monastery.

A complete rest day where you can enjoy walking and exploring around the country, where only a few trekkers often venture this scenic and beautiful areas of Tsum Valley, witness its traditional village with the impressive ancient monastery of Mu Gompa, enriched with treasures of antique idols, statue, and religious relics.

Day 11: Trek to Rachen Gompa 3,240 m – 05 hours.

After an interesting and exciting moment around high Tsum valley, walk heads to visit Rachen Gompa, as walk follows on gradual trail with short few ups and downs with a panorama of snow-capped peaks, heading into yak grazing summer pasture to reach at Rachen Gompa and its moderate size village for an overnight stop.

Day 12: Trek back to Chumling 2,386 m – 06 hours.

Return journey having a wonderful time at high Tsum valley, where walk leads towards lower

areas to Chumling where our route gets back into tall tree lines and green vegetation at

Chumling village this will our last and final overnight stop within Tsum Valley area.

Day 13: Trek to Lokpa 2,200m – 06 hrs.

From here onward walk leads you back on the same trail to reach at Lokpa where trails of Manaslu and Tsum valley join.

Day 14: Trek to Ghap 2,160 m – 05 hrs.

After a nice overnight stop at Lokpa, where morning walk takes you with slow elevation rise, as walk enters within Manaslu high areas, on the path with short downhill to reach a riverside at Bihi Bazaar a small village by the river. From here on where you will soak into more Tibetan culture of the Buddhist religion, as our walk continues on the gradual path with few short ups and downs to reach at Ghap village for an overnight stop.

Day 15: Trek to Lo-Gaon 3,180 m – 06 hrs

Morning walk from Ghap leads to much cooler region with increase of altitude gain, as our route leads higher areas and then with short downhill to a riverside to reach small farm villages and cultivated farm fields of barley, wheat, and millets to reach at Numrung village, continue to walk past Banjham, Lhi and Sho, then as altitude gains with an hour up to Shrip village to Lo Gaon a nice place with excellent views of Manaslu North Face.

Day 16: Trek to Sama- Gaon 3,520 m – 05 hrs.

After Lo-Gaon tree lines fade only for some short juniper bushes and willow trees, walk on nice path facing views of peaks and finally, walk completes on reaching at Sama-Gaon for an overnight stop, one of largest village within remote North Mid-West Himalaya, located on route Manaslu base camp, Larke-la pass and to Tibet border.

Day 17: Trek to Samdo 3,875 m – 04 hrs.
After a wonderful rest at Sama-Gaon, our walk leads to morning climb to reach at Samdo village which is not too far of few hours climb on upper terrain as high altitude and dry air makes the walk much slower. Walks slowly lead at Samdu village, the last village before Larke-la base and the high pass, at Samdu for overnight where you can witness this exciting village of strong Tibetan influence due to its closeness to Tibet border where at present trade across the border still exists.

Day 18: Trek to Dharmasala or Larke-Phedi at 4,460 m and14, 632 ft – 04 hrs.
From Samdo walk leads to more barren areas, an adventure begins crossing Gyala Khola, and climb to a ridge with some ruins of a village known as Larke Bazaar. This village once thrive trade with Tibet over nearby Gya La, a trade which at present has ended but still goes on but less compared to early days. The walk leads near Larke Glacier reaching at Duwang, where the lodge is located for an overnight stop.

Day 19: Cross Larke-la 5,160 m / 16,929 ft trek to Bhimthang 3, 590m – 07 hrs.
Starting much earlier morning to reach the top of Larke-la Pass above 5,160 m, walk first heads to gradual winding uphill and then with a steep climb to reach on the highest spot of the adventure on top Larke-La decorated with thousands of Buddhist colorful prayer flags and stones piles. From the top excellent views of Himlung, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru, and Annapurna II, after a great moment where long downhill lead you over snow and screen, to reach a valley at Larcia. Further walk on moraine leads to Tambuche at 3,900m from here walk to an overnight stop at Bhimtang, a beautiful place in a valley with a number of the good lodge to stay.

Day 20: Trek to Gho 2,560 m – 05 hrs.

After a long day walk to Bhimtang previous day, today an easy trek from here onward to Dharapani past thickly forested area of pines, rhododendron trees with a view of snow peaks. From Bhimtang descend to a valley of Burdin Khola which is the base of the west side of Manaslu, from a ridge with an excellent view of Manaslu towards southeast with Annapurna II in the southwest. Our route leads over Dudh Khola, where descend follows a trail into a narrow valley within the forest to reach our overnight stop amidst forest surrounding in perfect tranquility after 5 hours of good walk.

Day 21: Trek to Dharapani 1,963 m -06 hrs.
From here our last day walk of the adventure leads downhill into forest passing small summer settlement and then climb on a terraced field to Karche La, and then down to Marysangdi River. After few hours walk reaching at Tilje village following Dudh (milky) river downstream, a passing number of villages, including Thonje. From Tilje an hour and last climb of the journey on crossing a bridge and then joining at the main trail of Annapurna circuit in Dharapani village. Dharapani a lovely large village will be a civilization after being in the complete wilderness, where one can celebrate with a beer and buy a hot shower from a local lodge.

Day 22: Drive to Kathmandu and then transfer to your hotels – 07 hrs.
Last day on high hills and mountains of Nepal Mid-West, after a marvelous experience and adventure around Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trekking, where morning drive leads you back at Kathmandu. Driving along farm villages and terraced fields to reach a large town of Besisar and then on a good road towards Kathmandu, where our memorable adventure completes, afternoon free at leisure to relax after great walks around Manaslu-Tsum valley trekking.

Day 23: Final departure from Kathmandu homeward bound or to respective destinations.
Last day in the land of Himalayan Wonders, as per your international flight time depart from the hotel for an airport for your international flight back to home countries or other respective destinations.

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Client Reviews

Vanda Gooley

Australia, NSW

In 2010, my son, husband and I did the Langtang Valley Trek with Anjan as our amazing guide. His knowledge of the area was extensive, including walking expectations, weather and terrain conditions, and the best places to stop, rest, eat and sleep. So much so, that other Trekkers called on his advice despite having their own guides. He was a very acknowledges an expert mountain guide. On the trek, Anjan was nurturing, fun and extremely amicable with everyone. He had a very endearing personality, and over the two-week trek, he became a member of our family. I highly recommend Anjan to anybody considering undertaking any trek in Nepal.

Robert Francisco

USA, California

I have done 3 treks with Anjan and Nepal High Trek & Expedition Langtang gosainkund Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek and Island peak climbing and Annapurna circuit Trekking 5 years before in Nepal. That’s was wonderful and lifetime trip in my life. Due to weather conditions, we had to change our plans and return to Besi chair and then do the Annapurna Base Camp with a few extra places along the way. My guide was Anjan and he was so helpful. When our itinerary had to change he was helpful, suggested other options and did what he could to make the best of a situation beyond all human control. Anjan is very proud of his country and willing to share all his knowledge and experience with his clients. Nepal High Trek & Expedition is trustworthy, takes all responsibility and all problems The staff at Nepal High Trek are very helpful and willing to help you with any information or anything else you may need. I would highly recommend this agency as they are professional, competent and helpful! I will definitely be back and trekking with them in the future.

Rajan Riv Turck

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani poon hill trek “Lieber Anjan, das Trekking mit dir war super! Es hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Die Kombination aus Abenteuer, Natur und Wandern ist ideal zum Abschalten! Du bist ein großartiger Führer!!!”